Saturday, November 27, 2010

Junk Shop - Dulwich Hill - 28/11/10

Photo taken with iPhone.
Hipstamatic lens: Roboto Glitter. Film stock: Float


  1. Cool shot.. i like the faded that in post? i think id like to look at the junk in the window more than the reflection..but i still like this junk, is good...

  2. There are all sorts of bizarre shops in DH that make you wonder how they survive. This shop is piles of junk with nary a price tag to be seen. I kind of like that the reflections make the shot so busy that your eye can't decide where to look and eventually settles on the record in the bottom left hand corner.

    There's an iPhone app called Hipstamatic that allows you to use different combinations of lens, film and flash to create all sorts of effects. It's highly addictive and you should get it.